Learn about the Importance of Resume for Employment

There are definitely several preparations you need to deal with to make sure you can be employed. You need to prepare yourself including your physical condition and your mental condition. Then, you should also prepare the requirements. Yes, there are going to be some documents for you to prepare like your diploma, your resume, and many other possible documents. The question is, are you able to make sure those things Continue reading “Learn about the Importance of Resume for Employment”

Scholarship Info for Study S2 in Italy & Japan!

Want to get an international education in various countries? Targetting foreign campuses world-class? Perhaps this scholarship can help you.

United Nations University Institute of Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) provide an opportunity for the students in developing countries to achieve a master’s degree (S-2) in the world. The scholarship can be used for lectures in various countries, such as Canada, Tunisia, China, Jordan, Japan, Germany to Italy. Continue reading “Scholarship Info for Study S2 in Italy & Japan!”

Teachers Teach Students Without Reading Method Focused

At least 13 thousand students spread over 934 primary schools (SD) in Cirebon District could not read well (literacy / illiteracy). The equally experienced illiterate elementary school students begin class one to class six.

Coordinator USAID (Agency for International Development) Priority Cirebon, Hidayatul Firdaus revealed, as data released by the Department of Education (Disdik) Cirebon, one cause of the high rate of illiteracy is not separated from the limitations of the teacher’s knowledge. Continue reading “Teachers Teach Students Without Reading Method Focused”